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We are delighted to report that Bishop Challoner Training School has been successful in its application for accreditation for the delivery of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) from September 2024 onwards. We are one of only 80 ITT providers nationally to have been successful in Round 1 of the accreditation process. This is a fantastic achievement and allows us to continue to deliver our high quality teacher training in collaboration with our partnership schools and other strategic partners.

Applications are open for Bishop Challoner Training School Alliance (BCTSA) programmes - provider code 1K2 - for training starting in September 2022.

We are partnered with Birmingham City University and the University of Warwick for all secondary subjects and primary programmes. We are also partnered with Newman University for the Primary PE Specialism programme and secondary PE.

Click here for details about our programmes.

We offer a range of Primary programmes – Primary General (3-7; 5-11), Primary with Mathematics, Primary with PE and Primary with SEND. Secondary programmes include: Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Design & Technology, Drama, English, Geography, Health & Social Care, History, Mathematics, MFL, Music, PE, Physics, Psychology and RE.

Focus – the DfE have recently allocated us more secondary PE places. Apply soon before the vacancies are filled! Click here for details of our PE Programmes. 

To request further details, advice and guidance about how to apply and to book school experience, please complete the following form:

BCTSA Train to Teach Enquiry Form

Our School Direct Teacher Training programme is a one year school-based route into teaching leading to QTS and PGCE. Every year 100% of our primary and secondary trainees achieve QTS.

Email us or call us to arrange a one-to-one conversation about YOUR journey into teaching - we are happy to have a chat!

0121 441 6175/6112

Why choose our School Direct route into teacher training?

  • One main placement school across the year – trainees really feel part of the department and team 
  • Hands on experience from the very start of the course 
  • Bespoke and flexible experience which can be personalised to your rate of progress 
  • Great balance of practical training and academic University-led training, meaning you will also gain your PGCE and QTS
  • Opportunity to build relationships with expert teachers and leaders through a full academic year placement 
  • Usually know your main placement school before the start of the year, so you can attend induction opportunities and build a relationship 
  • Still have a second placement in term 2 for a contrasting school experience

Which subjects do we offer?

Birmingham City University: Primary General (3-7; 5-11), Primary with Mathematics, Primary with PE specialism, Primary with SEND. A limited number of Salaried primary places are available. A part-time 2 year Primary programme is available - contact us to find out more. Secondary (Training and Salaried) - Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Design & Technology, Drama, English, Geography, Health & Social Care, History, Mathematics, MFL, Music, PE, Physics, Psychology and RE.

The University of Warwick: Primary General (5-11) - training and salaried routes. Secondary (Training and Salaried) - Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, MFL, Music, PE, Physics, RE.

Newman University: Primary General (5-11) and Primary with PE Specialism. New for this year, we now also offer Secondary PE

Why train to teach with Bishop Challoner Training School 

  • High quality training experience informed by the most up to date research – revised and improved every year  
  • A family approach to teacher training  
  • Get the best of both worlds: University training while being part of a school community for the whole year 
  • Strong track record of successful programme completion 
  • School placements in schools with a proven track record of successfully mentoring trainees 
  • A variety of schools work with us – whatever your school and phase interest, we have a school for you! 
  • Fantastic pastoral support for trainees throughout the year. We believe in nurturing trainees through the year, with support from expert school mentors, committed mentors in our Training School, and University mentors 
  • Masters credits 
  • Great rates of employment after ITT completion  
  • A long term approach to teacher training. We have Assistant Headteachers working with us now who started their training as ITT trainees with Bishop Challoner, and have taken up our development opportunities from ITT-headship training 

Come and train to teach with us to Inspire : Teach : Excel.

For advice and guidance about how to apply go to:  https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk 

To apply, just follow this link:


If you are a school that is interested in taking a School Direct trainee please contact:

Dispelling some of the myths around School Direct

There are some misconceptions around the School Direct Programme, which mean applicants may drift more towards a University Core route instead. We try to unravel some of the myths surrounding the School Direct / Core question.

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