Future Teaching Scholars

Future Teaching Scholars is an exciting new niche route into teaching to help address the national staffing shortage in Maths and Physics.

Please contact us to arrange a conversation to find out how to recruit a Maths Future Teaching Scholar for your school by emailing us at: trainingschool@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk

Future Teaching Scholars apply for the programme in year 13. If successful, while studying for a Maths or Physics related degree, they will take part in a programme of high quality teacher training experiences, led by a local Teaching School. In the West Midlands, Bishop Challoner Teaching School Alliance is proud to lead this programme.

We work with scholars at the Universities of Aston, Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Worcester, and the Open University.

The undergraduate element of the programme includes:

  • x12 days observation and teaching practice spread across 3 different school contexts
  • x9 training days on all aspects of pedagogy and practice
  • x2 Lesson Study experiences with KS3 and KS4
  • x8 written assignments on aspects of research in education
  • x6 review conversations and coaching experiences
  • attendance at yearly national conferences 
  • completion of a research project into an aspect of teaching that interests them

When they complete their degrees, scholars are ready to apply for their first jobs.

So what does a 'Future Teaching Scholars' training year look like?

Scholars can teach a timetable in Maths or Physics from the start of the programme. We recommend a lighter timetable at the start which builds up. With their training already in place, they can hit the ground running. 

Schools must also provide:
  • a school based Daily Trainer for weekly observations and mentor meetings
  • a school based Lead Trainer to supervise their placement
  • one day a fortnight release to attend training at Bishop Challoner
  • a 22 day second placement at a contrasting school
  • a primary experience
  • time for mentors to complete and support trainees with assessment materials, induction, etc.

If you are interested in employing a Future Teaching Scholar next year, please contact the programme to sign up as a potential employing school: