Sam, School Direct History Salaried Trainee

Posted on: 12th December

I've just finished the second week after coming back from the first half-term and it's been great so far.  I've learned a lot not just about teaching and classroom management but also about my own subject and how to bring out my own enjoyment of it and give that to students. 

Every day is a new experience and a new challenge and I'm finding more out about myself and the students each day here.  I've found that trainees are generally treated like members of staff and part of the team, which is reflected in the students’ attitudes. The CPD put on by both the Alliance and my placement school has been excellent with pedagogical theory combined with training and reflection on how to make the most out of each lesson. 

Staying ahead of the workload hasn't been easy, with marking, setting and keeping a tab of homework taking up a lot of time, but the support has been fantastic and I've never felt that I couldn't speak to my Subject or Professional Mentor about any issues.

Roll on the rest of the year.