Hayley, School Direct PE Trainee

Posted on: 12th December

Coming to the end of my first full term already! How time flies! However, I am really pleased with the progress that I have made so far since September. Thinking back to when I was back in my Warwick Induction at the end of August, I was overwhelmed with an array of ideas. However, the end of the full term is arising and I feel like I have established myself not only as a committed trainee but also a member of the PE department.

For all the hard work I have put in, it has been clearly recognised through my formal observations, AP2 and most importantly through my own reflections. I have been able to demonstrate the reflective practitioner I am beginning to turn into by taking the time at the end of every day to reflect on the lessons I have taught for that day.

The highlight for this term is me building the positive rapport I have with not only the staff but pupils. I have been consistent and fair throughout all I deliver making sure praise and sanctions are used appropriately. It is overwhelming to see the end product of a lesson, hearing girls telling other pupils within their year about the enjoyment they had within that particular lesson.

Overall, the support from my mentor in particular has been great, along with other member of the PE department. I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing, inspirational and talented department. I am extremely looking forward to my new school in January with the high expectation that I will develop as a teacher.