Abid, School Direct Computer Science Trainee

Posted on: 12th December

"Hi, I'm a Computer Science trainee on the School Direct non-salaried route.  Coming from an extensive background in the IT industry I was searching for something more rewarding and challenging.  After considering teaching for many years I finally made my way on to the teacher training course.  I'm so glad I did! The whole dynamic, emotional, rewarding and challenging job of being a teacher, or shall I say a trainee teacher, has really made my career change worthwhile.  

The support I get from colleagues at school, the teaching alliance and Uni is excellent.  Being at a school has opened my eyes to the current education system.  I teach a mix of classes including year 7, 9, 10 and 11.  It’s great teaching a range of classes.  Sometimes workload can be heavy but if you are organised it’s manageable and overall very rewarding.

I look forward to more challenges in the coming months.  I am confident it will only get better, I hope to develop my own teaching style, hopefully it doesn't take a lifetime, but I guess being a teacher is all about learning and improving yourself."