EdTech Demonstrator School

St Alban's Catholic Primary School with Bishop Challoner CatholicStAlbans College

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme was developed by the DfE to ensure schools and colleges across England could access free, expert advice on educational technology.

The programme is now entering its second year and has evolved from crisis response to offer support to schools and colleges in developing digital strategies which make effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

St Alban’s Catholic Primary School and Bishop Challoner Catholic College for many years have had an innovative and bespoke approach to delivering the curriculum with technology used to enhance this process. Bishop Challoner began a 1:1 device scheme 13 years ago and these are used both inside and outside the classroom. The two schools make effective use of a range of software including Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, reducing the workload of teachers and administration/support staff.

In the last phase of the programme, St Alban’s and Bishop Challoner supported over 90 schools, primary and secondary. The aim was to ensure colleagues at all levels could engage with remote learning through a means that was bespoke and best for their setting.

We worked mainly with schools that had just started to use, or were about to start using, Microsoft Teams. The support included supporting the implementation of the platform for teaching remotely, including the setting and marking of student work, assessment and the tracking of progress, taking safeguarding into account at all stages. Staff were supported with using EdTech to improve teaching and learning, back-office functions and day to day administration.

Types of support vary, from 1:1 coaching, bespoke curriculum team training to whole school evidence-informed CPD/webinars, sharing of resources and opportunities to network and share best practice with other schools.

Platforms such as Google Workspace and Seesaw were also supported, and a wide range of other software.

We have an EdTech Team of expert staff from partner schools, covering a large range of specialisms. We will continue with our previous types of support as well as the specific areas of:

  • school/college recovery – including supporting the delivery of effective online or blended learning
  • reducing teacher workload – through effective and efficient use of technology and collaboration tools
  • school/college improvement plans – including working together on the development of a sustainable integrated digital strategy
  • school/college resource management – including using EdTech for more efficient administration and to improve workflow.

For further details contact: edtech@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk

To register for support go to https://edtechdemo.ucst.uk